College Of Charleston Essay

These programs draw resources from several different schools and departments.

We also offer innovative degree programs like data science, the first undergraduate degree program of its kind in the nation.

The College of Charleston is a mid-sized university organized around seven schools: A College of Charleston education is a personalized education. You'll have the freedom to mix and match your academic interests to create a unique, intellectually stimulating course of study.

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It is important to know that there are many federal, state, local and institutional sources available to help students meet those expenses.

Its beautiful and historic campus, combined with contemporary facilities, cutting-edge programs and accessible faculty attracts students from across the U. They work with exceptional professors who love to teach, who are focused on student growth and who help them succeed.

And the city of Charleston – world-renowned for its history, architecture, culture and coastal environment – serves as a living and learning laboratory for experiences in business, science, technology, teaching, the humanities, languages and the arts.

The strength of a College of Charleston education is in its deeply rooted liberal arts and sciences tradition.

Our goal is to prepare our students to be ethical, open-minded leaders and multidisciplinary problem solvers.

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