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The fall semester is fast approaching, and if you're moving into the college dorms, the list of what you need to bring to college can seem daunting and overwhelming.But that doesn't mean it's an impossible shopping task.Bowman was aided by a group of prominent Mount Vernon citizens who wished to provide educational opportunities for their children beyond the one-room schools that operated for no more than a few months each year.Originally known as the Iowa Conference Seminary, the school was renamed in 1857 after William Wesley Cornell, a prosperous merchant and devout Methodist whose distant cousin, Ezra Cornell, founded Cornell University 12 years later."That started a year later when we celebrated the 17-16 victory over Alabama in the `Punt, Bama, Punt' game." That was the game in which Auburn ran back two punts for touchdowns in the last six minutes.The use of toilet paper was inspired by comments from Terry Henley, a colorful halfback whose rural drawl made him a darling of reporters.Cornell's department of geology is the oldest in Iowa, with course offerings dating to 1855.

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William Fletcher King became president in 1863 and served for 45 years, one of the longest presidencies in the history of American higher education.

Just head for the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Ave, where Auburn's campus and the City of Auburn come together. Since the beginning of Auburn athletics, Tiger fans have celebrated victories there.

The intersection, which marks the transition from downtown Auburn to the university campus, is known as Toomer's Corner.

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