Commonwealth S Essay In English

It was selected by the Rump, and most of its members were MPs.

Mainly on the insistence of the Army, many independent churches were tolerated, although everyone still had to pay tithes to the established church.

High taxes, mainly to pay the Army, were resented by the gentry.

Limited reforms were enough to antagonise the ruling class but not enough to satisfy the radicals.

The only force keeping it together was the personality of Oliver Cromwell, who exerted control through the military by way of the "Grandees", being the Major-Generals and other senior military leaders of the New Model Army.

Not only did Cromwell's regime crumble into near anarchy upon his death and the brief administration of his son, but the monarchy he overthrew was restored in 1660, and its first act was officially to erase all traces of any constitutional reforms of the Republican period.

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