Compare And Contrast Essay On A Good Man Is Hard To Find Mba Dissertation Proposal Topics

A work of fiction that is most of the time rather than not in prose form as well as narrative format is referred to as a short story.The length of a short fiction is subject to the tastes and preferences of an author as well as the requirements as per the market that the genre of short fiction belongs to.Death has been used in the same way due to the fact that in both of them it did break the monotony of everything being okay.It brings some emotion to the reader when someone or people die in the story (Petelin et al., p.24).Each writer will have a different reason for killing a certain character in a story.In the story a rose for Emily, Miss Emily Grierson died. From this death there was a series of events that came up. We are told that the men went through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument.The women went mostly out of curiosity to see the inside of her house, which no one save an old manservant -a combined gardener and cook- had seen in at least ten years.This gave the writer a chance to get the details of the house out to the readers.

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A book that tells everything in the first chapter and does not create suspense is not such an interesting book to read. The reason why the same reader may take one day in reading a five hundred paged book and one week to read a two hundred paged book is because of the suspense factor.

In the story a good man is hard to find, death has been discussed by the characters of the book.

The Misfit and the old lady discussed about death when the misfit told the old lady that Jesus was the only one who could raise the dead.

This explains the reasons as to why there may not be a proper way to categorize writings of people.

According to Centeno, Teresa and Obler (p.12), it may also not be appropriate to categorize the writing of short fiction stories as there are very many ways that human beings can express themselves in writing.

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