Comparison And Contrast Essay Dogs Vs Cats

They will then torment the poor critter for hours and subsequently devour its entrails on your bathroom floor.

Whatever is left uneaten will be consumed by the dog if not promptly disposed of.

Another contrast between cats and dogs is in the types of foods they refuse to eat. Most cats would much prefer to forage for their own food, which happens to be whatever they can sink their claws into that's alive and can feel pain.

The most enjoyable part of owning a dog over a cat is their loyalty.

When wondering whether you want to get a dog or cat as a pet, you should first ask yourself: "Why would I possibly want to get either in the first place?

From sitting on your front porch, to jogging down a trail with your pooch, they are the ultimate protection as their bark scares off anything from raccoons to a threat of a potentially dangerous human.

Or, more importantly, a dog can be your eyes if you are blind. ” Also, if your house catches fire, a dog is far more likely to wake you up and try to get you out, while a cat worries about escaping and protecting itself.

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