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The Youth Essay competition, organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Single Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, is launching for the fourth time and is looking for submissions that answer the following: “Write the speech that you would give as the new Commissioner for SMEs and entrepreneurship to Europe’s entrepreneurs” The Youth Essay Competition is a chance to share your thoughts and opinions with key policymakers and entrepreneurs on a European platform within the domains of enterprise, entrepreneurship and SMEs.

This year, the competition will be divided into two rounds: In order to win the prize of an all-expenses paid trip to the 2019 SME Assembly in Helsinki, submit your speech of no more than 2 500 words in English before 16 August 2019.

The competitors even do not know each other but their attention is fixed on the goal which is regarded as the main object of their competition. Continuous Process :– Competition never comes to an end. Competition for status, wealth and fame is always present in almost all societies. Universal Process :– No society can be called as to exclusively competitive or co-operative, yet competition is found every society and in every level.

It covers almost all the areas of our social living. Dissociative Process :– Competition is a dissociative social process. These process are called negative type of interaction. This process may hamper the unity and integrity of society. Constructive or destructive in nature :– Competition may be healthy or unhealthy.

The individual may aware but has no personal contact with other competitors. Therefore, the personal and direct relations do not exist among the competitors. Unconscious action :– Competition is an unconscious action and occurs unconsciously. Like co-operation, competition is also necessary for social life.

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