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Biocompatibility testing, designing artificial organs and tissues, developing new drug delivery systems, creating innovative medical devices, and enhancing medical imaging techniques are just a few of the ways biomedical engineers improve the health and well-being of others.

Learn More From nano-scale composites, pharmaceuticals, plastics, fibers, metals, and ceramics to the development of alternative energy systems, biomedical materials and therapies, and strategies to minimize the environmental impact of technological advancements.

Khalili Shoja PDF Optimal resource scheduling for energy-efficient next generation wireless networks, Taewoon Kim PDF Low-volume liquid handling and transport microsystems with applications to microbiology and point-of-care diagnostics, Taejoon Kong PDF Optimal network implementable controllers for networked systems, Gulnihal Kucuksayacigil PDF Knowledge discovery techniques for transactional data model, Piyush Lakhawat PDF Fabrication, instrumentation and application for subwavelength periodic nanophotonic devices, Longju Liu PDF Design and verification approaches for reliability and functional safety of analog integrated circuits, Zhiqiang Liu PDF A scalable software framework for solving PDEs on distributed octree meshes using finite element methods, Alec Lofquist PDF First-order methods of solving nonconvex optimization problems: Algorithms, convergence, and optimality, Songtao Lu PDF Host managed storage solutions for Big Data, Pratik Mishra PDF Accelerating structured light surface reconstruction with motion analysis, Quinn Murphy PDF Stability analysis and robust control of power networks in stochastic environment, Sai Pushpak Nandanoori PDF Graphene-based flexible sensors towards electronic wearables, Seval Oren PDF Developments in static and pulsed magnetic field systems for detection of magnetic resonance in non-uniform magnetic fields, Neelam Prabhu Gaunkar PDF Model-based compositional verification approaches and tools development for cyber-physical systems, Hao Ren PDF Cyber attack-defense analysis for automatic generation control with renewable energy sources, Srikrishna Sarangan PDF Remote maintenance assistance using real-time augmented reality authoring, Jonathan A.Learn More The computer engineering master's degree emphasizes the adoption of design methodology and the application of sophisticated engineering tools to the design and development of computer-integrated systems.Learn More Synthesize science, mathematics, technology, and application-oriented designs into world-class consumer products, timely microprocessors, state-of-the-art computers, advanced electronic components, and much more.A supervising professor is a faculty member who will provide guidance to the student throughout the research and thesis preparation process.This foundational step needs to be undertaken as early in a student's tenure in the degree program as possible to afford the student sufficient time for completion of the necessary research as well as thesis creation, defense, and submission in accordance with departmental and university policies and procedures.Because the topic of the thesis must be relevant to the degree program the student is completing, supervising professors are typically from among the faculty of the ECE Department; however, it is also possible for a student to complete a degree-relevant thesis under the direction of a member of the faculty of another university academic department or research center with the approval of the graduate advisors.Before the process of finding a supervising professor can begin, it is important for a student to identify a general area in which the student is interested in undertaking a thesis.In order for a thesis to be accepted, the student is required to present and defend the results of the thesis research in a departmental seminar, an MS thesis defense.Acceptance of a thesis by the ECE Department, based on the quality of thesis and its defense, is decided by an MS thesis defense committee.An academic research thesis generally involves more than an industrial project in that the goal is not merely to solve the specific problem but also to understand its relevance to previous work and to the discipline in which one is working.It is expected that the thesis work will represent an advance in understanding of the state-of-the-art and that it will be suitable for publication in an engineering journal or for inclusion as part of a more comprehensive publication.

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