Computers Past Present And Future Essay Legal Essay Writing Competitions In 2010

Not only can you use the computer for word-processing programs, but for games and online service as well.

I have used AOL for a couple of years and have found that there are some problems with it so now I use Costco.

The first digital computer was called the ABC, short for Atanasoff-Berry Computer, and was developed in 1942 at the Iowa State College.

The ABC was an electrical computer that used vacuum tubes for digital computation including binary math and Boolean logic and had no CPU.

If a person wanted to place an order for some lumber without being in the store, they could.

All the information was placed in the computer so that when they did come in to pick it up, it would be quick and easy.

Computers: Past, Present, and Future Computers have been around for years and help a great deal at home and in the workplace.The first computers were only used for making calculations and other analytical operations.Konrad Zuse is said to have built the first modern computer in his parents living room from 1936 to 1938.I have owned a computer for about three years now and it has been very helpful when it comes to projects and type-written essays.I have completed schoolwork and projects more times than I can count.In today’s society, computers go without any recognition or thought of where they came from.All the technology that is put into them to make them do the simplest of tasks has been years and years in the making.A person can spend hours on the computer whether online or not.Usually I spend most of my time online because it takes a long time for things to be found sometimes.Despite all the additions to the computer it has gotten smaller and smaller over the years.Today, we have personal computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. You can browse the web on any of these devices or play games or create a word document.

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