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In ) — the highly anticipated sequel to the excellent first installment — Twain’s grievances with “God” come fully ablaze.

In April of 1906, Twain — who famously believed that any claim of originality was merely misguided narcissism — offers this humorous lament on religion as a manifestation of human egotism: The human race … I thought it was very good, and smart, but the other person didn’t.‘If your mother tells you to do a thing, it is wrong to reply that you won’t.

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 Would you want to live forever?

And not only we, who are offered these terms, are to be thus burned if we neglect them, but also the earlier billions of human beings are to suffer this awful fate, although they all lived and died without ever having heard of Him or the terms at all.

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Many topics inhabit the general subject—for example, the U.

politics with Israel as a Zionist state tend to emphasize the contemporary triangular relationship among the U. government, Israel and the American Jewish community.

The hearsay character rests upon evidence only — exceedingly doubtful evidence. There had been a thousand religions before it was born. There had been millions of gods before ours was invented. Our is by long odds the worst God that the ingenuity of man has begotten from his insane imagination — and shall He and his Christianity be immortal against the great array of probabilities furnished by the theological history of the past? I think that Christianity and its God must follow the rule. (More than a century later, legendary atheist Richard Dawkins would come to echo this sentiment in his newly published biography, writing: “I learned from my mother that Christianity was one of many religions and they contradicted each other.

The real character rests upon proof — proof unassailable. They must pass on in their turn and make room for another God and a stupider religion. They couldn’t all be right, so why believe the one in which, by sheer accident of birth, I happened to be brought up?

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