Confessions Of A High School Word Nerd Essay Essay On Knowledge Is The Greatest Of All Wealth

And while that may have been how it was in the ’80s, that’s hardly how cafeterias look in today’s day and age.“The cliques are a little bit less defined because of social media,” Nicole Capalbo, a softball coach and guidance counselor at Palatine High School in Illinois, explained to the .In order to have competitive college applications, high schoolers will often balance a varsity sport, several club memberships, musical instrument lessons, and student government simultaneously.Oh, and all of this is on top of that ridiculous workload and studying for the SAT! These are just some of the many online platforms through which kids nowadays prefer to communicate.Bullies today don’t use their fists—they use their phones. Even when they’re in the same room, most teens and tweens would rather text each other than actually converse, as one 2010 survey from the Pew Research Center found.In fact, one 2018 survey from the Pew Research Center found that approximately 59 percent of teenagers had experienced some form of cyberbullying in their lifetime. This reliance on technology is certainly bizarre to those of us who weren’t introduced to cell phones until during or after college, but for kids growing up in the digital age, it’s just the norm.

In the ’60s, ’70s, and even ’80s, state and federal laws were much more lenient when it came to students and teachers smoking on school grounds.Long gone are the days of pretending that your report card didn’t arrive yet when you knew you bombed a test!As a student, you had to spend hours in the library looking through encyclopedias every time you were assigned a research paper., 114 people were either injured or killed in school shootings in the U. In some districts, metal detectors are being installed to avoid more fatal shootings; in others, security cameras monitor every hallway and classroom.One survey from the National Center for Education Statistics further notes that while only 63.8 percent of students reported seeing security guards and police officers at school in 2001, 70.9 percent of students did in 2017.And while you might’ve only studied one month for the SAT, many of today’s teenagers start For years, the only way you could find out how you did on a math test was by looking at the physical graded copy of the exam.Nowadays, though, middle schools, high schools, and colleges alike use online portals like Blackboard to keep students and their parents updated.That’s because while classrooms in the 20th century had chalkboards and whiteboards, the ones that kids learn in today have SMART boards.These technological screens can display websites, play presentations, screen movies, and more—and if you want students to be interactive with the content on the board, they can use special markers to tap, write, and scroll.Though different than what you might’ve gone through as a kid, online harassment is just as serious as physical violence and in-person verbal abuse, and any claims of cyberbullying should be taken seriously. Students nowadays aren’t just using their devices to socialize.In a 2014 report from Project Tomorrow titled “The New Digital Playbook: Understanding the Spectrum of Students’ Activities and Aspirations,” researchers found that 52 percent of high schoolers and 47 percent of middle schoolers took tests online at some point.

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