Constitution And Articles Of Confederation Essay

When New York and Virginia finally agreed to cede their claims to western territory, the three holdout states agreed to sign.The Articles of Confederation were finally ratified on March 1, 1781.In turn, colonists convened the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in September 1774.There was significant disagreement among the delegates.

The delegates to the Stamp Act Congress drew up a statement of rights and grievances and agreed to stop importing goods from Britain. But it continued to impose new taxes on the colonies, and hostility to Britain kept growing.In frustration, one delegate wrote: “No foreign court will attend to our applications for assistance before we are confederated.What contract will a foreign State make with us, when we cannot agree among ourselves?During the months of debate, Congress made many changes were to the original draft. He was a leader strongly opposed to having a strong central government.Because of their experience with the British government, many delegates agreed with him.After a few days of debate, Congress was deeply divided.One major issue was representation: whether each state should have an equal vote, or, as John Adams wrote, “whether each shall have a weight in proportion to its wealth, or number, or exports and imports, or a compound ratio of all? And the third and most contentious issue was determining the boundaries of colonies that claimed to own land west of the Allegheny Mountains “to the South Seas.” Congress continued debating the Articles of Confederation, but the war was putting tremendous demands on the delegates.In 1773, some colonists protested a tax on tea by dressing up as Indians, boarding three British ships, and dumping their cargo of tea into the harbor.In response to the Boston Tea Party, Britain closed the Port of Boston.Appellate Court Experience Civil Conversation and Civic Role Play Cops & Kids California Teachers Civic Action Project Courtroom to Classroom Expanding Horizons Internships Mock Trial Southern Calif. The Articles served as the constitution of the United States until 1789, when a new constitution was adopted. During the American Revolution, Americans drafted the Articles of Confederation to set up a new government independent of Britain.

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