Cope Coursework Stress

Female students were more stressed than males but they employ more coping strategies as well. Low self-esteem coupled with self-blame and self-criticism is quite common.

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Department of Medical Education, College of Medicine, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh 11481, Saudi Arabia Received 1 June 2015; Revised 1 September 2015; Accepted 8 September 2015Academic Editor: Chandrashekhar T. Throughout their undergraduate years, medical students face numerous stressors.

With all the evidence presented above on how the medical student life is burdened with stress, failure to resolve student stress in the long-term could have serious professional and personal consequences [30].

Coping has been viewed as a stabilizing factor that may assist an individual in psychosocial adaptation during stressful events [31].

Coping with stress, on the other hand, is important for human survival and can be defined as the process of managing external or internal demands that are perceived as taxing on personal capacities and resources [1].

Globally, the incidences of stress and stress-related illnesses such as anxiety and depression among students, trainees, and qualified physicians have increased and received significant attention in literature [3–7].

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