Cornell Dissertation Library Nickel And Dimed Essay Prompts

Created from a collaboration between EBSCO and Biblio Labs, it uses the standard EBSCO search interface.

A subset of Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses Global. You can quickly and easily locate dissertations and theses relevant to your discipline, and view the complete text in PDF format.... Also searchable as part of EBSCO's Open Dissertations database.

The SED Certification of Completion is required for submission to Pro Quest.

In order to complete the submission process, you will need to have the following: Master’s students go to Cornell Master’s Pro Quest site, doctoral students go to Cornell Doctoral Pro Quest site.

Before initiating the electronic process, students are required to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates (for doctoral students only).Supplementary Materials: If supplementary materials – such as audio, video, and spreadsheets – are an integral part of your ETD, you can submit them as supplementary files during the online submission process.If you would like to purchase additional copies of your thesis/dissertation for yourself, your field, or your committee members, you may order bound copies through Pro Quest (Order Copies page).Please contact Janine Brace ([email protected]) for more information or if you have questions.The thesis or dissertation is a scholarly work that forms the capstone of a research degree program.The required bound archival copy for the library is automatically ordered for you and included in the Cornell Thesis and Dissertation filing fees.Select the “Decline – do not order” option if you don’t wish to order additional copies.Using the left menu, you can return to any page and make changes until the point of final submission.Traditional Publishing: “Traditional Publishing” is automatically selected and is included in the Cornell Thesis and Dissertation filing fees.This information will make it easier for others to find your work when searching the web.Upload PDF: Whether you use the PDF Conversion tool provided by Pro Quest or you convert your document to PDF yourself, review your PDF to ensure your formatting remains as you intended after conversion.

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