Cornell Engineering Essay

As mentioned above, the average SAT score of students admitted to Cornell is a 1480 on a 1600 scale.If you want a better idea of how good a chance you stand to get in based on your SAT scores, the percentiles shake out like this: What does this mean exactly?Before we jump into a super thorough explanation of exactly how to get into Cornell, let’s take a look at some quick Cornell admissions statistics: So as you can see, getting into Cornell will be quite the feat, but it can definitely be done if you’ve got the academic chops–so let’s explore exactly how to get into Cornell.Here’s more information on Cornell’s undergraduate admission requirements as found on their website for your reference.Ithaca is a great city for a college campus – and if there’s any doubt in your mind about whether or not you’ll fall in love with it, take a trip to Cornell and find out for yourself. If studying on the East Coast at one of the most elite academic institutions in the United States appeals to you, then Cornell may just be the university for you.

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As a rule of thumb, then, a sweet spot to aim for is taking the SAT up to but not more than six times.This means you can take the ACT as many times as you want until you get a highly competitive score that you’re happy with–and no one will ever know how many tries it took.The average composite ACT score is 32 and the percentiles are as follows: This means that a 30 or below will put you below average compared to the scores of other accepted applicants while a 34 or higher will put you above average.While Cornell historically has an acceptance rate of about 14%, this report states that over 51,000 students applied for the class of 2022 and 5,288 applicants (including early decision candidates) were admitted.This means that a staggering, all-time low of about 10.3% of students were accepted for the class of 2018, making Cornell’s acceptance rate extremely competitive.Be advised that Cornell does utilize a waitlist, however, which improves your chances of getting in slightly.For the class of 2022, for example, 6,684 students were given a position on the waitlist. Locke,“The exceptionally large applicant pool this year produced a most remarkable class.” So if you’re looking to earn a spot at Cornell, you’re going to have to really stand out!This year, Cornell was ranked #14 of all the national universities, and is considered one of the most selective schools in the world.You’ll have to be a very impressive candidate to get accepted into Cornell, but with the right combination of very high grades, very high test scores, and participation in impressive extracurricular activities, you may just stand a chance.So make sure to check with the specific school you are applying to make sure the ACT suffices if you don’t intend to also take the SAT.And unlike the SAT’s scoring system, if you take the ACT, you get to choose which scores you send, so Cornell admissions will only see your highest ones.

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