Coursework Marking

Every programme and every module will have a set of intended learning outcomes which a student should be able to demonstrate on completion of the learning process.

Learning outcomes should be measureable and should determine the content, delivery and assessment of the programme and module.

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Work will not be accepted after this date unless the Course/Subject Director has granted prior permission.

You will receive timely feedback on your performance. You may be required to return it at any time within one year.

In most situations you will also receive a progressive grade point average (GPA) indicating your overall performance in a course.

For each coursework subject you complete you are awarded one of the following grades: Student and related rules: Schedule 2 - Results and Grades A grade point average (GPA) is a progressive measure of academic achievement over the duration of enrolment in a course.

The Board of Examiners makes decisions about your assessment results, progress and final award in accordance with the course and award regulations.Your grade point average (GPA) is recorded as part of your academic record information on the UTS student system.Authorised UTS staff have confidential access to your academic record information.The University has a system to ensure that examination scripts are anonymised during the marking process. Examination scripts are not returned to you but you may discuss your performance with your adviser.You will receive information and feedback on your performance in coursework and in examinations.The Board comprises all internal examiners and at least one external examiner.A senior independent member of faculty staff chairs it.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.If you are studying a coursework degree at UTS, you will receive a grade for each subject that you complete.Both formative and summative assessment can take many forms including, but not restricted to: examinations, coursework, presentations and lab reports.It can be the result the work of the student alone or the product of group work.

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