Cover Letter Retail Manager Position How To Write A Good Literature Review

It is with great interest that I am presenting my CV for the position advertised in (where the job was found).I am greatly interested in this position and I believe that my profile could be the perfect fit for your team, thanks to my qualifications and working background.I possess broad based managerial and retail background, working for various company as Retail Manager.I have experience in exploiting retailing opportunities and in maximizing business prospects.

My flexibility allows me to work any shift or any hours as needed.

I am a confident, organised and professional individual with a limitless drive to be successful and exceed expectations.

I have excellent communications skills meaning that I find it easy to develop a sense of rapport with colleagues and clients alike.

At my previous company I was a key member of the team and proved myself to be an assertive and effective leader who is able to manage and motivate others.

I am able to multitask and manage my time to ensure high standards and performance targets are always met.

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