Creative And Critical Thinking Best Vocabulary For Essay Writing

As I conclude, we are left with the question: ‘If creative thinking isn’t really useful or practical for critical thinking, then why are they often confused for one another or even discussed in tandem as some kind of ideal form of higher-order cognition?

However, it is possible for creative thought to be complementary to critical thinking, considering the amount of creativity involved in the synthesis of information necessary to infer a conclusion or solve a problem in a reflective manner.

Sometimes, they think with caution to ensure logic every step of the way, especially when they care about the real-world implications of their thinking.

Taking these broad possibilities into account, it can be said that people think in order to decide what to do; in order to decide what to believe; or simply for fun.

It is worth noting that though this may sound like a useful skill, in the absence of thinking, creative thinking alone is not particularly practical for solving problems or drawing conclusions regarding issues we care about (Sternberg, 2002).

Though creative thinking is utilized when relatively novel tasks or situations are encountered (Sternberg, 2005), it is vital that be engaged when the novel tasks or situations require careful consideration (i.e. Raising the achievement of all students: Teaching for successful intelligence.

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