Creative Problem Solving Strategies

one surface to another that is hard to stick things to," then you've already severely limited your scope to "sticky" solutions that require a chemical process.

To illustrate, we created a "magnetic sandwich" solution where the new surface had enough metal in it to make it stick through the no-stick surface to the magnet.

After you have developed the plan and path forward, communicate the plan and the resources required.

Most people have said such things to themselves at some point.

Creative problem solving (CPS) is a method for creatively approaching a challenge to develop ideas and potential solutions to problems.

Create a set of questions you are seeking to answer.

Gather as much data as you can to understand the issue.

If you can articulate your tradeoff, then TRIZ more than likely has ways to overcome it that have worked on other problems. We tend to focus on the features used in familiar solutions when trying to be innovative, but novel designs are most often based on obscure features.

For a candle, for example, people overlook that these objects are motionless and that candles lose weight while burning.

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