Creative Writing Character Sketch

(For example, if someone has an eye patch, WHY do they have it?

On three of those pieces, they should write down physical traits that a person might possess (examples: peg leg, pot belly, balding, tall & skinny, athletic build, crazy eyes, etc.).

An interesting extension of the exercise, suggested by the author, is to have students write their perceptions of a character and then create a story or profile in which the character does NOT fit with the expectations that the character’s personal appearance would set up.

A character sketch essay is a written sample of a person's life, as if you were writing a 10-minute reality show episode about someone you know -- a member of your family, a teacher, a best friend.

Be sure to set each scene by giving detailed descriptions of each incident, how it came about and how the character reacted. The essay you create from the elements above should first describe and then dramatize the memorable character.

Begin with an introduction telling how you know him or met him, and what he means to you.

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