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I share that because frequently enough I find myself at a loss for words, my writing stalled. I first came across Master Writer in an ad in Writer’s Digest.

I tried a trial and saw the program’s value immediately.

I find it most useful when searing for different ways to say the same thing. I love it and will upgrade to the next improved program when it comes out.

I am a novel writer and consider this software one of my most trusty tools of the trade. With the spectrum of intensities and ability to choose specific parts of speech…more often than not I find that elusively perfect word that makes the story sing…I find Master Writer’s layout and content much easier to work with than Google’s online thesauruses.

Master Writer has become my “go to” tool for anything remotely related to the creative process.

Unsurpassable and totally unique, it expands your creative workflow without obstructing it, whilst at the same time surreptitiously educating the user with its endless dictionaries, ideas and themes. Although I was hesitant to move to an “online subscription”, I’m super glad I did.

Since I began using it a couple of years ago, I now find I can scarcely compose an email without it!

…Never again will you find yourself haunted by that elusive “right word”.

If you’re wondering if Master Writer is right for you, give them a try. In fact, without Master Writer, my career as a writer would never have gotten started.It is there at your fingertips along with hundreds of alternative suggestions to inspire and enlighten you…I highly recommend this program to all writers, word enthusiasts, poetry buffs, lyricists, novelists, essayists, and students.I’ve been skeptical of writing programs in the past but after trying Master Writer for only a few days, I was sold! Every time I open this program I am blown away at the creativity this software adds to my work! I would definitely recommend Master Writer to anyone!!!Follow the rules only if they help you do the exercise. Visual media can get your brain juices flowing, too.Don't overlook the value of artwork and films to re-inspire you when you hit a wall.Feel free to adapt or disregard any of these steps or rules.The most important thing is to spend time focusing on language and to write something new.A tool that anyone in the writing business, of any description, should investigate. Being able to develop ideas at work and then access the project from home, car, or even while out biking is a real asset.I must begin by most measures what is recognized as a powerful vocabulary. “Writer’s block” can never more be an impediment or an excuse…I can’t calculate the value of Master Writer to me. The way the writing tools are set up free your mind to be creative and stay focused on the project…I highly recommend Master Writer to anyone who is wanting to improve their writing skills. you usually have an opening activity such as: create a rap using a issue (economic,home,love,etc), association pieces, etc. class consists of alot of story telling from stuents and teacher. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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