Creative Writing Online Degree

As a flexible degree, you can complete the programme in 3–9 years so it can fit in around everything else life has going on.

Our BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree will empower you with effective practices, insights and skills, encouraging you to write more frequently and with more purpose than ever before.You’ll be encouraged to read the best writers, exploring what makes The degree is split into seven units; three at Level 1 (HE4), two at Level 2 (HE5), and two at Level 3 (HE6).There are some core units that all students take, many more optional units, and some prerequisites for units at higher levels.At Level 1 (HE4) you can choose from Scriptwriting, Starting Your Novel, Art of Poetry, or Creative Arts Today.These units will start you off on your creative writing path when you’ll begin to develop your own personal specialism.In 2017 the Department for Culture, Media, & Sport estimated there were some 3.2 million jobs in the UK creative economy, worth £91.9 billion and 80,000 new jobs were created that year alone.78% of the creative workforce hold at least an undergraduate degree (AGCAS-2017-2018), and the Creative Industries have seen the largest employment percentage growth in employment since 2011.Creativity and good writing are sought-after skills in today’s job market.At Level 3 (HE6) you’ll take two units: Retrospect & Prospect, and Independent Project.These two units both ask you to work on a writing project of your choice.All of the OCA’s Level 1 (HE4) course units are worth 40 credits each.If you’re studying towards an Open degree, you’ll need three Level 1 (HE4) course units to gain the necessarry 120 credits to move on to Level 2 (HE5).

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