Creative Writing Prompts For 3rd Grade How To Write The Best Essay Ever

Write about a time when you did not get what you wanted.

Explain how you would make a pizza if you had the dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings laid out. Explain the steps for getting ready for school each morning. Give at least two reasons why you chose that country.

Check out these grade-specific writing topics organized by mode (explanatory, creative, and so on).

Would You Rather questions, whether silly or serious, can be fun for the whole family!

Describe your favorite holiday tradition with your family.

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You couldn’t believe your eyes when you opened your birthday present and saw a _____! Prompt 2: You woke up this morning and discovered that you have lost your ability to smell.The problem is, it’s August and you’re supposed to meet with your friends at the pool this afternoon. Prompt 27: You sign up at your local fair to join in the watermelon eating contest, because the winner gets a new bicycle. How long do you think it would take for you to get tired of the food?But when the contest begins, instead of a slice of watermelon, everyone has a fried octopus on her plate. Prompt 28: If you could only eat one food for a whole year, what would it be? Or do you love that particular food so much that you think you’d never get tired of it?Would you rather drive a race car or pilot an airplane? Depending on your answer, make a list of 10 things you would do with the money.Would you rather wear a swimsuit in a snowstorm or a snowsuit in the desert heat?What do you think happened in the night to make you two change places?Prompt 26: You saw a blizzard outside your bedroom window when you woke up this morning.A new girl has joined your class in the middle of the school year. Prompt 4: When you woke up this morning you discovered the streets were completely flooded.You think you’d like to be friends with her, but she is from another country and doesn’t speak English. You need to get to school, but don’t have any kind of boat; not a row boat, a kayak, nothing! If you could grow up to play a professional sport, what sport would you like to play? Describe a time when you were excited about something. Describe the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes at your house during the holidays.

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