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The officers of these units seemed to enjoy the pomp-and-circumstance of the parade-ground more than they understood the mechanics of war.

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In March of 1854 an amateur photographer, Gilbert Elliott, photographed views of the fortresses guarding Wingo Sound in the Baltic Sea from aboard the Hecla, the same ship that was to carry Fenton to the Crimea eleven months later.Recent engagements involving the British in India, Afghanistan, and South Africa and the French in Algeria had done little to alter the typical battle plan, although the French were better prepared as a result of their campaigns in North Africa.As the war got underway in the Crimea, the Times war correspondent, William Howard Russell, sent home dispatches about the glorious victory at the Battle of the Alma (Sept. However, the combined allied forces, comprised mainly of French, British, and Turkish troops, were unable to completely subdue a strategically positioned, albeit archaic, Russian army.He proposed sending a photographer to the Crimea to provide evidence that would mitigate the negative reports appearing in the newspapers.Thomas Agnew's proposal was strictly a private, commercial venture that needed only the sanction of the government to allow it to proceed.And soon Russell's reports were tempered with criticism.As the landscape of war shifted from engagements on open battlefields to the entrenchment of the siege of Sevastopol (Oct. 1855), war correspondent William Howard Russell began a relentless attack on the official conduct of the war.Most of the British army's commanding officers last saw action during the Napoleonic Wars, in particular, at Waterloo (1815), or had since purchased their commissions.Some British units, at their commanding officers' expense, adopted flashy, brightly colored uniforms.Contributing to the belligerency of both Russia and Turkey was the international support that each nation presumed it could rely on.Concerns about the shift in the balance of power in Europe and the overt motives of the tsar brought Great Britain, France, Austria, and even Sardinia into the conflict.

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