Criminal Justice Research Proposal

Conditions: Students enrolled in their respective writing courses will be provided with written instructions and examples of their assigned writing task by their instructor.

Additional examples may be provided through course materials (e.g., textbook or supplementary readers) or rubrics.

Criminal Justice majors combine a broad-based liberal arts education, in-depth research on topics in which they have a special interest, and supervised fieldwork experience.

Students who wish to pursue careers in the Criminal Justice system must be able to speak and write clearly and effectively, analyze and solve problems, observe events and behaviors and report their observations accurately, and work cooperatively with others.

Since writing is a developmental process, various levels and types of writing activities and strategies may be employed in the five (5) writing courses mandated for criminal justice majors.

It is a field of study that encompasses the origins, missions, goals, policies, and methods of the civil and criminal justice systems, as well as the human services system.

Students also will complete labs (mini-reports and worksheets) as they learn the process of data analysis using statistical software (SPSS).

CRJ 401 – SEMINAR IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE Students are required to submit a 20-page paper (excluding title page, abstract, and references) on a Criminal Justice topic of their choosing.

Students will be required to submit a first draft of the research report, which will be returned with feedback.

Students then will be expected to revise their report accordingly prior to submission of the final project.

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