Critical Essay On The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

The plan of The Ancient Mariner can be traced in the plan of the Lyrical Ballads the study of which is of great help to understand the plan of The Ancient Mariner which is briefly as follows: Lyrical Ballads published in 1798 is a joint venture of Wordsworth and Coleridge which is a key to understand all the poetry of the Romantic Age including that of Coleridge.

Exploration of the occult (supposedly supernatural or magic) and of infinity, mysticism, and numerology (study of the supposed influence of number) are some other manifestation of the intense desire of man to know what exists or lies beyond the finite mind.Or through the Mariners response to her Fear at my heart, as at a cup My life-blood seemed to sip. Coleridge has successfully kept the reality of supernatural phenomena by avoiding the descriptions of details. Along with this Coleridges supernaturalism has essentially psychological truth in it.In the same manner the repulsiveness (unpleasantness) of Geraldines ugly bosom is conveyed through a clever suggestion, A sight to dream of, not to tell! The supernatural touches in Kubla Khan or The Ancient Mariner are so managed that they are in perfect harmony with the mental and emotional moulds of the characters as well as the readers.The ancestral voices heard by Kubla Khan prophesy war.The poet in his poetic frenzy is capable of building supernatural awe in the minds of the readers when the people coming see his castle see his flashing eyes and waving hair and draw a circle around him thrice to keep them safe from this man who has been fed on honey and dew and drank the milk of paradise.Coleridge possesses an unusual gift of evoking the mystery of things.The Ancient Mariner is made a mysterious character just by the mention of the glittering eyes long grey beard and skinny hands.The central idea of the need of human love and compassion with man, bird and beast and the entire creation of God and the painful experience caused by their absence is so intensely human that even the supernatural character of the events cannot becloud its truthfulness.The supernatural element has along with it the element of mystery and mysteriousness.In this plan it was agreed that Coleridges endeavors should be directed to persons and characters supernatural or at least romantic.However, such supernatural element should not be void of human interest and inward nature of man.

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