Critical Essays Mayor Casterbridge

      Our first image of Henchard is one of winter, his clothing is When he dies he is back in winter but just on the verge of spring, exactly like the start of the book.      Just having a life resembling the seasons would not immediately lead me to think that Henchard is closely linked to nature, his very character seems natural.

Initially, a person who understands their natural area results in a happy lifestyle for them.b False: Henchard stops drinking because of what he did when he was drunk.c True d False: Henchard can be kind but he has a dark, dangerous side to his character.Henchard's success can be attributed to his closeness to nature much more than his business acumen.      If Henchard's nature makes him fail, then it may be asked why Farfrae succeeds.The decisions that the residents of Casterbridge make affect the rest of their lives.The good and evil characteristics which society possesses determine their fate.Henchard is, like nature, chaotic and unpredictable.He is able to disgrace a man while keeping his mother well stocked with firewood.It is my belief that Henchard is a personification of nature.It is obvious that his life has completed a revolution but when you look closely, you can see that Henchard's life resembles the seasons.

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