Critical Essays On The Plague

The symptoms of distress — of this need to understand oneself and one's universe — can of course be ignored, but finally one does have to face himself honestly and endure a plague-like period of readjustment to the truths one must live with.Within existential philosophy this examination period is mandatory.In extreme human suffering, there is an incomprehension and a feeling of helplessness.A result of our learning environment and experience, our relation to the universe and other human beings is no more important than a small ant swept away by a tsunami.This is her first problem: getting home through the barricades.She manages to get through them by crawling through the basement window of an abandoned house.

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On the contrary, there seem to be only negatives and nothings to confirm this distressed feeling. " He added "What if earth, or perhaps our universe is simply a grain of sand in bigger place?

Everything has to have a reason and be part of a larger correlation to the human existence.

It is almost impossible for the human to see the universe as abstract, without beginning or end.

He added elsewhere, "Nothing can discourage the appetite for divinity in the heart of man"(The Rebel, 147).

Though he strongly spoke out about what he regarded as moral evils, such as war and capital punishment, his moral sense of right and wrong should have led him to posit a Moral Law Giver (God) whose presence alone, helps us come to the moral conviction, that some injustices are absolutely wrong. S Lewis, asked himself, "Just how had I got this idea of just and unjust?

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