Critical Reading Assignment

It may also be a controversial or debatable argument, or this reading may be discussing the argument from a different perspective.

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In the long term, this should decrease even more if the legislation is to stay in place. At the frontier of tobacco control: A brief review of public attitudes toward outdoor places. The article shows use of reliable articles from reputable journals such as The Medical Journal of Australia, and New Zealand Medical Journal, as well as government databases including California Department of Health Services.

As with the author, the type of reading can give you an idea of potential bias and the quality / applicability of the information. Is it trying to convince you of something or sell something?

The main claim (or argument) of the reading is the point that it is trying to prove.

Decrease in exposure occurred in public places such as cafes and transport, as well as private locations not including their own homes.

There seems to not be much of a change in exposure to tobacco smoke in their own homes, revealing that adults are instead smoking more at home instead of public places. In sentences and in your own words, write down the argument or main purpose.

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