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Adding a smile made both the male and the female stimulus person more attractive, with the effect of smiling on the former more pronounced (Otta et al, 1994, 324).Another very interesting ways by which communication took place between the workers and the patients was by various visual systems.For instance, one person used to show very irritable behavior during lunchtime and he always used to be late in the cafeteria. Otta Emma, Beatriz Barcellos Pereira Lira, Nadia Maria Delevati, Ot Avio Pimentel Cesar, Carla Salati Guirello Pires. The Effect of Smiling and of Head Tilting on Person Perception, Journal of Psychology, 128, (3): 323-4 Rogers, M. No one could understand why until we were able to find out through his illustrations that he thought the people at the table made fun of him. The way that these techniques would be used would be that the various situations that appeared as abstract to the people with autism and Asperger syndrome would be represented as concrete depictions and these would allow for the people to reflect.

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One of the most important things to understand while dealing with patients of autism and the Asperger Syndrome is to read their body language and also to present oneself in an appropriate manner of body language.Correctly reading the smiles and the tilting of the head enables the interviewer to gauge the person being interviewed.A few studies have been conducted on smiling and these have distinguished between a few forms of smiling.This type of a communication method was found to be very appropriate for the people with autism and Asperger syndrome, even though it had its disadvantages.This method was extremely slow and it would take a lot of patience from both the workers as well as the patients' side in order to communicate effectively. Using Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations to Interpret Social Situations for an Adolescent with Asperger Syndrome.Comic strip conversations promote social understanding by incorporating simple figures and other symbols in a comic strip format (Rogers & Myles, 2001; Hagiwara & Myles, 1999; Norris & Datillo, 1999).I would work to draw or assist the various people in drawing and illustrating the social situations so that they could understand the situation on their own level.Working with people who have autism, especially the Asperger Syndrome, can be quite difficult.This is mostly true when communicating with these people as a person needs to train and develop certain specific communication skills in order to deal with these people.Two of the gestures that I found were widely used and utilized include the facial expression of smiling, and the tilting of the head as indicators of a person's emotions or feelings.These expressions are the most commonly seen expressions when talking to a person, or when an interview is being conducted.

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  1. Introduction Introduction Alasad J., M Ahmad (2005): Communication with critically ill patients. Critical evaluation of research The purpose of this assignment is to critically evaluate the research article entitled above.