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Let’s talk about the importance of PLAY and games in our classrooms today. What a better way to squeeze in play than with critical thinking games in the classroom?

When they play against an opponent, they are learning how to develop strategies, predict outcomes, and use logical thinking skills.

The critical thinking games I am going to share in this post take a lot of brain energy!

They are designed to be fun- but challenging- for your students.

We know that our students need time to play and have fun in school.

We know that games promote SO MANY wonderful skills and brain-friendly challenges for our students.

In addition to Pinterest, teaching blogs, IG, and educational websites, I like to turn to the shelves of stores such as Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us for critical thinking games that my students will love to play!

There are TONS of educational and high-quality games that you can find pre-assembled and ready to go- for a great price! Below are some of my favorite times to add board games and mind-challenging games into our schedule: It’s important to model how to play each game with your students.

The students will scan the cards and find the matching word and picture, as shown below: You can learn more about critical thinking AND get a FREE Brainamin Short A game pack in a blog post I wrote by clicking HERE or on the blog post image below: I hope you enjoyed learning about these seven games for critical thinking in the primary classroom! For children (and adults) play is a key the way the brain learns.In this post, I’ll share seven of my favorite critical thinking games for primary students.Whenever possible, I like to get rid of the boxes the games come in and put them into plastic tubs.The boxes just seem to deteriorate over time, and the lids on the plastic bins help us keep everything tidy and organized.Yes, there are mounds of curricula they must master in a wide breadth of subjects, but education does not begin and end with a textbook or test.Other skills must be honed, too, not the least of which is how to get along with their peers and work well with others.This is one of the best games to add to a morning tub or literacy center, and it’s certainly fun to use as a small group warm-up game!If you have students who are struggling decoding and phonics skills, these games also make a nice change of pace for an intervention group.For your convenience, I’ve added links to the materials I talk about within the blog post. This just means Amazon tosses a few cents my way if you make a purchase with the links – at absolutely, positively, no extra cost to you!These little links help me to continue sharing ideas, freebies, and giveaways with you on the site. It’s a four-letter word that teachers across the world have a love-hate relationship with. ” is a phrase one will frequently hear from a kindergarten teacher as much as a middle school teacher.

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