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Yet a manager with critical thinking skills might look at alternatives that improve staff satisfaction and enhance the goal of self-governance – and then form a unit committee to produce a holiday schedule with sufficient staffing.

To further develop critical thinking skills outside of clinical areas, nurse managers can adopt the following habits: One way nurse managers can develop critical thinking is to start writing in a reflective journal.

After studying the information presented here, you will be able to: • Describe critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the context of your practice • Identify characteristics and skills that demonstrate critical thinking • Use specific strategies to improve your critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills as well as those of other healthcare professionals Healthcare providers have never experienced such significant changes.

Each day brings new challenges, from learning to use health information technology to juggling multiple priorities for several patients.

discussion about the critical thinking skills needed by nurse managers, who also must function in a highly complex environment.

Many nurse managers have risen to their current positions based on their competence in a clinical role, without any formal training or experience in leadership and management skills.

Through case studies and hands-on course work, nurses examine the various human resource challenges facing an organization as well as the dynamic nature of the strategic planning and management processes.

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Rather, as you’ll see in this course, there are many ways of looking at CT and CR.

• The term critical in critical thinking is synonymous with important, necessary, or required.

Applying the above points, critical thinking is “important thinking (or reasoning) that needs to be done to assess and manage any problem or concern.” For example, you need to know how to assess systematically and comprehensively, how to prioritize, how to prevent and control undesirable situations, and how to evaluate progress.

A Medscape article about critical thinking skills for nurse managers illustrated, with a hypothetical example, the difference a strong leader can make.

It presented a case study about a manager facing a scheduling conflict over the holidays.

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