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For information on the Center's approach to critical thinking, see Our Concept of Critical Thinking.Critical Thinking Lesson Plans More than 20 lesson plans from the Leonore Annenberg Institute for Civics.What will be important is whether they can provide acceptable reasons to support their answers.Reading phase (about 15 minutes, depending on the length of the text and the reading comprehension method you use)Depending on your students' needs and the availability of book copies, you can read the book to your students using the guided reading approach, have the students partner/group read, or have the students read silently.Book Sorting: Using Observation and Comprehension to Categorize Books A primary-grade lesson plan that addresses critical-thinking skills, observation and categorization processes, as well as reading comprehension and writing skills, while at the same time providing teachers with a vast array of diagnostics through observation of student interaction and conversation. Music: Critiquing Films Using Sight and Sound Critical Thinking Value Rubric See also Higher-Order Thinking Rubric.Developing Students' Critical Thinking Skills Through Whole-Class Dialogue, Analyzing Character Development in Three Short Stories about Women and Lights, Camera, Action . Resources and Downloads for Teaching Critical Thinking Tools, rubrics and lesson plans from Edutopia.

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Critical Thinking: A Streamlined Conception Concise article written by Robert H. Membership is required to view them all, but it's free to join. Developing Problem-Solving Skills A lesson plan from the NY Times.Problem-Solving Process A lesson plan in which students learn a 6-step process for solving problems. Problem Solving/Holistic Lesson Plan: Paper Structure A high school lor middle school lesson plan.Defining Creativity for the Classroom A lesson plan used to develop a class definition of creativity.Tests of Applied Creativity, Logic, and Reasoning A lesson plan for grades 5 or 6 that can be used in a variety of subjects and contexts.It is intended for elementary and middle grade students.Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Problem and Solution Lesson ideas from Lightning Strikes. Chess Strategies for Beginners: Develop Problem-Solving Skills See also Chess: A Great Way to Improve Your Child's Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills.Can they make predictions about the book based on its title and cover and what they already know about the war?Let students know that after reading the book, they're going to be asked a question that will take the whole class to answer-and everyone's answer could be different.Lesson Plans for a Creative Writing Course Lesson plans for a thirteen-week course!Creativity Activities Ideas for exploring fluency, flexibility, elaboration, redefinition, and originality.

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