Critical Thinking Mind Benders Gamsat Essay Marking

are deductive thinking puzzles that develop vital logic, reading comprehension, and mental organization skills necessary for solving real-life problems. Mind Benders Level 1 and Mind Benders Level 2 are intended for children as young as four years old.With your assistance, your child will think about each story and its clues; identify logical associations between people, places, and things; and then deduce how it all fits together.I am fairly certain that I first encountered Mind Benders a year or so after my brain surgery.

Develops reading comprehension, logic, and problem solving.Shortly thereafter, I began printing multiple puzzles so I would have enough Mind Benders for weekends and other spare time.The two-year therapy program owned a license for electronic versions of every Mind Bender created by the Critical Thinking Co ™, but the program did not use or refer to Mind Benders during my first year in the program.Several years later, while attending a two-year cognitive therapy program, I noticed that there were several Mind Benders on the computer.I remembered how much I enjoyed the puzzles years earlier, but I could not remember specific puzzles, tips, or solutions.Now that I understand them and have used them, I think they are a fantastic tool for strengthening critical thinking.I highly recommend Mind Benders regardless of whether or not you have a brain injury.Days later, I declined to eat my favorite residential therapy meal, macaroni and cheese, because I was in the middle of a puzzle.Thankfully, the cook saved some mac and cheese for my dinner.When I finally solved one of the puzzles, I quickly started on the next puzzle.I recall telling a therapist that I couldn’t attend physical, occupational, vision, or speech therapy because I was too busy solving another Mind Bender.

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