Critical Thinking What It Is And Why It Counts

Or consider if that hegemony reinforced uncritical, impulsive decision making and the “ready-shoot-aim” approach to executive action. : Critical Thinking Assessment and Nursing Education Programs: An Aggregate Data Analysis.

Imagine governmental structures, administrators, and community leaders who, instead of encouraging critical thinking, were content to make knowingly irrational, illogical, prejudicial, unreflective, short-sighted, and unreasonable decisions.

Or, imagine a media, a religious or political hegemony which cultivated, instead of critical thinking, all the opposite dispositions? Two professors, one valuable lesson: How to respectfully disagree. Insight Consider the “cultural revolutions” undertaken by totalitarian rulers. Gilovich, Thomas; Griffin, Dale; and Kahneman, Daniel: Heuristics and Biases: The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment. In such instances, you should point out to students that you are practicing critical thinking. In their “Religion in American Life” course, Mel Seesholtz, a known critic of dogma-based organized religion, and Bryan Polk, a college chaplain, format some of their lectures as debates between the two of them. While sincerely trying to advance their point of view, they consciously model civil discourse, critical thinking, and the accompanying dispositions for their students (Seesholtz & Polk, 2009), showing an alternative to the loud, blustery, belligerent wrangling so common on talk radio, certain news channels, and some television shows. Students may not otherwise see an alternative way to disagree, and they need to in order to co-exist peacefully and respectfully with others in this diverse world. As the instructor, you, too, provide a key learning experience by serving as a role model. Students need to see demonstrating the courage to question your own beliefs and values, the fair-mindedness to represent multiple perspectives accurately, and the open-mindedness to give viewpoints opposed to your own their due. Instructional interventions affecting critical thinking skills and dispositions: A stage 1 meta-analysis. Education which includes a good measure of critical thinking skills and dispositions like truth-seeking and openmindedness, is a problem for terrorists and extremists because they want to have complete control of what people think. their methods include indoctrination, intimidation, and the strictest authoritarian orthodoxy. them” a good education would mean that the people might begin to think for themselves. Costa, Arthur L., & Lowery,l Lawrence F.: Techniques for Teaching Thinking.

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