Css Essay On Good Governance

This along with strengthening the democratic practices will also help in minimizing the causes of the crisis.In compact, Pakistan has for long been facing the crisis of good governance but the contemporary political phase can ensure a positive change.Good governance, in general, refers to the measures of a government which bring welfare to the public lives and state as a whole.Contrary to that, crisis of good governance is the continuous failure of a government to govern the state and its subjects effectively.Governance becomes good in democratic system for most of the times.

If Pakistan is considered under the said definition, it gets obvious that the governments of the country failed most of the time in governing it well.Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan – Sectors badly governed in Pakistan – Institutions badly governed in Pakistan 4.Causes of Good-Governance Crisis – Personalization rather than institutionalization – Corruption and nepotism – Ineffective short-term policies – Wrongly set priorities – Weak accountability – Weak state governing institutions – Political instability 5.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Even if the state officials are corrupt, the bad governance can be averted by holding them accountable. Even the incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan has discouraged NAB for its independent investigations.But when the institutions of accountability become subject to the will of the officials then the crisis becomes inevitable. Lastly, political instability in a state puts it into crisis of good governance.Empowering police as primary measure can help in improving the law and order situation of Pakistan which will ultimately help it in good governance.Lastly, if the reforms and institution building are to be successfully brought in Pakistan, it is essential to ensure political stability and democratic evolution in here.In Pakistan strengthening the democratic system its forefathers chose will help in bringing it out of the crisis.In the contemporary run, country might be facing the governance crisis but the evolving custom of political stability is a ray of hope.

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