Ct Scan Essay

This is particularly useful in detecting soft tissue tumours throughout the body.

These are aligned by the incredibly strong magnetic field, noting that there are no water molecules in the human skeleton, only in bodily tissue.All jewellery and clothing containing metal, particularly objects containing iron, need to be removed.Internal metal objects such as metal clips, medication pumps, or any internal metal items such as shrapnel or metal particles also present a considerable risk and must be made known to the doctor.If sedation is required due to claustrophobia, then there are associated risks of over-medication.If a contrast dye is used, which helps to show up some parts of the body more clearly, there is a small risk of allergic reaction.An MRI is a very expensive and time consuming investigation compared to other methods such as x-ray and CT.Some parts of the body, like bone, are better examined using simpler techniques such as an x-Ray.If a patient suspects they may be pregnant, the doctor must be informed, as little is known about the effect of MRI scans on an unborn baby.To improve the experience of the MRI, it is advised that the patient not drink for several hours before the scan.For some patients, claustrophobia may be an issue as the space within the MRI can be confining.Patients with claustrophobic anxiety and children may need light sedation.

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