Cultural Self-Awareness Essay

The purpose of this paper is to give a critical reflection on how cultural self-awareness is an important component of cultural intelligence.

Firstly we will look at defining what exactly cultural self awareness and cultural intelligence is and then we will critically discuss how and why cultural self-awareness assists people to become more culturally intelligent through knowledge, experience and behaviour.

Having an understanding of how others view us helps to be aware of how they may misunderstand our intentions.

Cultural awareness, such as understanding that behaviour is influenced by culture and that each culture is unique, helps us to avoid making assumptions about people when they are ‘different’.

It is then only the beginning of establishing the insight towards to a variety cultures in contemporary society.

This essay will examine my own cultural self by presenting the relationship between knowledge, experience and behaviour.

With radical changes in business climate, globalisation and workforce diversity, the world has become more closely inter-weaved to another.

At the same time, there is an awareness of the culture to comprehend our own cultural self, which is essential for the development of cultural intelligence.

Understanding cultural differences allows for individuals to smoothly integrate into these said communities with complete social cohesion.Critical reflection allows us to challenge the way we live and learn or engaging in transformative learning by linking emotion and cognitive processes (Taylor, 2001).Being able to fully comprehend this topic of cultural intelligence one must understand each key term.It’s a measure of a person’s capacity to function effectively in a multi-cultural environment (Brislin, Worthley & Macnab, 2006).Employers apply cultural intelligence as a way to help develop tolerance and improve cross-cultural interactions.The initiation of intercultural effectiveness can be derived from behaviour impacted by its cultural differences and “cultural self-awareness includes recognition of one’s own cultural influences upon values, beliefs, and judgements, as well as the influences derived from the professional’s work culture” (Winkelman, 2005, p.9) Cultural intelligence is the capability that could give insights on how to cope with multi-cultural situations and how to engage properly in intercultural interactions.Russell (2011) discusses her life growing up as a Third Culture Kid and having to relocate every few years due to the nature of her parents’ jobs.She became accustomed to those around her assuming her family’s reasons for moving and began to ‘bracket’ what information she shared.We should think of Cultural Intelligence as being something which we can continuously improve and develop over the length of time of our lives.We do this through our experiences, but also with knowledge communicated by other people.

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