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We are presently witnessing what is already the most profound transformation of human communication in history (short of the written word, The internet, the smartphone, the tablet, satellite and cable on-demand television, market segmentation, algorithmic marketing: the list of game-changers goes on and on.

Make no mistake, we are talking about social and semantic habitat destruction without compare.

The old rainforests of culture have been cleared away, and literature, with its prehensile hands and brachiating arms, now reaches for heights it can no longer climb and stares into distances it can no longer see.

No generation has witnessed such a sudden change in cultural environment, to provide an overview of the ‘state of British literary fiction,’ he called it “one of the most extraordinary publishing phenomena of recent decades.” Mullan paints his own picture of social transformation, one where the slow trickle of writers and readers through the post-secondary bottleneck has managed to rewrite the culture of reading.

The sales figures may be difficult to argue with, but for many this is more cause for worry than celebration. ” Lee Siegel declares that “fiction has become a museum-piece genre,” that readers wanting to be challenged and illuminated had better turn to nonfiction.

In his most recent interview in claims that the recent efflorescence so extolled by Mullan is little more than “prep-school boys showing off.” A kind of shadowy consensus has grown among certain critics and academics that something has gone drastically wrong in the world of literature, that far from healthy, the literary animal is in fact dead or on death’s door. The tendency among these critics is to gloss the communications revolution and blame the practitioners, to think the problem is primarily one of of literature, that the old forms are simply no longer capable of reliably producing literary effects?

In Mullan’s account, the literary animal is so healthy simply because it lives in a communicative unexpected because everyone has been trained to anticipate its wiles.

Human beings are parochial, blinkered creatures, loathe to relinquish any number of injurious views no matter what their political stripe.

No matter what purported difficulty they encounter, they can be sure that it will fit.

In the course of teaching theory and the classics, universities have inadvertently produced both the suppliers and the consumers of literary fiction, to the point where work that was once the province of intellectual avant garde movements now enjoys mass consumption and pride of place in many media.

The results are so profound that Mullan dares imagine the unthinkable: that far from retreating “before the forces of electronic media and consumer idiotism,” higher literacy is carrying the day.

Before the advent of writing, senders and receivers always had to communicate face to face.

Writing more or less banished time from the equation, and minimized the importance of geography to a certain degree.

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