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If you want to make continued use of the most up-to-date Web publishing software and avoid upgrade headaches, then you’re going to need to implement best practices for agile development.

Gutenberg enables developers and designers to create reusable modules for design and content, while empowering end-users to combine and customize those modules to do everything from launching twenty simple landing pages in an hour to building a complex new digital experience. Theme authors can define—and sites can load—demo content, plugins, and perfectly-designed Gutenberg blocks onto the home page of a new site using that theme automatically and in a matter of minutes!

Once you have the width and height of your header determined it is time to create/optimize your images that you intend on using.One of the tools that I use is Chris Pearson’s fantastic Thesis Word Press theme framework.In an effort to contribute back to both the Thesis and Word Press communities I have documented how to embed the Next-Gen Gallery plugin to your header, or banner image and place your logo above it.You may want to import your logo, or typeset your text now, to position it on top of all the images so that you can determine the static position that the logo/type will present itself.Once we have all the layers in the proper positioned its time to save out all your files.All visible things in webpage will be disappear, when we scroll down.Sticky bar in a webpage will stick to the webpage and fixed in a constant position.Are you sure you want to keep spinning your wheels every time a new version of your preferred framework is updated?What you need, my friend, is a futureproof, bulletproof means of protecting your that people are confronted with when they try to adapt their existing design modifications to a theme upgrade.We titled our images: Now that the images are prepared its time to prepare the logo/type.We should have our logo/typesetting in place from our previous step of getting our images sized and positioned.

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