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In the second, a high school teacher named Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) lands in court after answering a student’s question about Jesus by quoting the Bible.She wins the case, defeating the ACLU lawyer (Ray Wise) who vows to prove that God really is dead.

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(And, privately, some of the board members think that would be best for the students and the university’s image as well.) been about arguments for the existence of God, either anecdotal or philosophical.The second plays very fast and loose with the details of its story in order to make it seem like it’s based in reality, going so far as to list court cases in its credits that, when you look them up, are only sort of related to the movie’s plot.And the third is perfectly content to frame the trouble at St.seems, several times, to have become self-aware about the exaggerated persecution fantasy it’s trading on.Dave’s brother Pearce, a “social justice attorney” (played by John Corbett) who walked away from his faith during law school, has come at Dave’s request to help him fight the university. James, because their father had been the pastor there.) But Pearce, exasperated with Dave’s insistence that St.the third installment in the wildly popular and commercially successful Christian movie franchise — comes when the beleaguered Pastor Dave (David A. White) goes to visit Pastor Roland (Gregory Alan Williams), the minister at the nearby predominantly black church, and Roland reads him the riot act.It’s a startling moment because it’s one of several in the movie in which it seems that the series might have become self-aware. James, is under attack from people who harbor an anti-religious political agenda against Christians.But the opens with Dave in jail, waiting to be bailed out, and a flurry of media activity and protests around the sermon subpoena.Eventually he gets to leave, and he’s retrieved by Pastor Jude, the Ghanaian minister who works with Dave at St. That this whole storyline has the ring of falsehood — no pastors were jailed in Houston, and nobody seems to have tried the same thing again — isn’t all that important in the movie is based on what’s essentially an internet meme, with a deus ex machina tacked on at the end.James building has been located for 150 years, has been trying to seize the property under eminent domain laws in order to build a student center.Hadleigh argues that it’s unfair to favor one religion over another — that some student religious groups can’t even get funding, while the one hosted by St.

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