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After receiving the first certification as a dental hygienist, I would like to diligently serve the community.

However, with my desire to advance in the career, I would pursue further studies in this field, particularly to master’s level.

Dental hygienists are responsible for creating follow up charts for the patients.

In general, the work of a dental hygienist involves assisting the dentists who are responsible for the more complex and technical procedures of dental care.

Finish the on-the-job training at a dentist office and passing the state written exam as stated in Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center.

Nature of the work for a dental hygienist is a wide range of challenges.

My goal of becoming a dental hygienist will soon come to pass.

All I need is dedication, motivation, ambition, and understanding.

Ornes 07November2011 My Career Goal of Becoming a Dental Hygienist Ever wonder why your dentist doesn’t actually clean your teeth? They are specialist at keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

This is in line with my long term dream of working in public institution programs like schools, clinics and research institutions or even as a teacher in a dental hygiene center.

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This experience was to be an inspiration and a source of motivation for helping other people enhance their dental hygiene.

I have always desired to pursue a career in dental hygiene so as to enable me offer professional preventive care to the people.

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