Descriptive Essay Soccer

Bahama Boyz had such a terrible expression and their coach was also down on the ground with both his hands on his face.

Tiny tear droplets were running down his face but my coach was going insane. Everything was perfect when I made the biggest mistake of my life.

It hit me hard on my right shattering it and my dream of becoming the best soccer player ever.

The shin was completely shattered internally as I was picked up by my teammates as we entered the broken bus.

Introduction The Match - Descriptive Writing All of us were extremely excited because of this match. We had waited for it for eight months, which we spent with rigorous training knowing that the tournament would not be easy.

This tournament was the real test of my soccer skills.

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The correct power, angle and the time was what was needed for that perfect shot.

I shouted out abuses to the captain of Bahama Boyz, which stung him real hard and he ran towards me and with his baseball bat.

It was a spur of the moment reaction and I was totally unprepared for it. The baseball bat was in the air, cutting through the wind.

Tiny, but sharp needles of rain drops were falling on us as we were running towards our transport vehicle with our heavy kit bags and studs* which were making us slip on the wet and shiny grass.

The fresh smell of rain mixed with soil was tangling my nose but I had to move on to win my match and take a further step in my dream of becoming the best soccer player.

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