Descriptive Essays About My Dream House

It would also be nice for celebrating birthdays and having a glass of your self-made wine.

All I need is a place where I can calm down after a hard working day.

The vineyard should, apart from the vines, also include a barnyard for some animals like cows or horses.

Even though it sounds like a simple lifestyle, I’d like to have a modern interior.

If possible, it should also be cloase to a lake, because I love going for a swim on hot summer days.

I’d prefer to live near Zurich but not in the centre of the city.

If I could choose my dream place, it would be in a big apartment on the top floor with a really nice view over the lake and nature.

When I dream about my future house, I always see the colour light blue in front of me.

So my dream house shall be light blue outside and surrounded with lovely pink and blue flowers. In my dream my future home isn’t placed in a crowded city, I’d prefer to live in the countryside but not too far away from the stores as I’d like to be able to walk or cycle to go food shopping.

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