Development Of American Literature Essay

However, what varies from story to story is the perception of the Indians by the Colonists, and how they are portrayed to the reader.

Some authors viewed the aboriginal population as dangerous and to be feared, justifying their alienation from colonial culture.

The natives are later applauded in the book for being excellent “judges of the land,” and the author describes how the settlers need to rely on the Indians to succeed (Crèvecoeur 124).

A review of the literature of the 18th Century reveals that the Native Americans were clearly regarded as outsiders, and very separate from the Colonists.

However, by the beginning of the 18th Century, as more and more settlers moved to the Americas, and their interactions with the population became more substantive, Native Americans in literature experienced a “metamorphosis” into a far different, and far more menacing literary figure (Bissell 8). "Native Americans in Early American Literature." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services.

Native Americans moved from being simply a novelty to a perceived threat on the settlers.

A significant part of that experience was their interactions with the Native Americans and the resulting conflict between the two populations.

These stories included tales of how the Native Americans tried to assimilate with the colonists in the 18th Century. "Native Americans in Early American Literature." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services.

They also wrote stories of their experiences in the new land, America, and of nature versus man.

Stories such as these were prevalent during the 18th Century. James Smith's Life among the Delawares, 1755-1759.” The account of Mary Rowlandson and other Indian captivity narratives.

However, Native Americans were not only featured in non-fiction and made appearances in other works, as well.

In the story, Native Americans are described as being (Brown 185).

Once again, Native Americans are consistently portrayed in a negative light in this novel. A selection of George Croghan's letters and journals relating to tours into the western country - November 16, 1750-November, 1765.

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