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However, according to the movie, an individual has to reach adulthood in order to make personal decision on being baptized since the childhood decisions do not show commitment in life (The Devil’s Playground 2002).In the movie the “Devil’s Playground” is a culmination of information about several teens during the rumspringa period, but the main focus is based on the son of an Amish preacher, “Faron.” After being exposed to the world, he got engaged in drugs, and got addicted to crystal meth (The Devil’s Playground 2002).According to ethics and leadership, dictatorial leadership should not be encouraged not only in the church but also at the working place since the believers and employees would not accomplish their rights and ability to make personal decisions for the interest of the whole group respectively (Hostetler, 1993).Hence the youths are worried since it is believed that when one dies before being baptized, it is automatic that the person is either lost or goes to hell.However, Faron admitted that the only time to say goodbye to the girlfriend would be a time to rejoin his community, which he believed on returning to, just from the beginning of the Rumspringa.The son of a preacher often reiterated a strong belief about the Amish church, in the process, it is evidenced that he made two attempts to stop the drug use, since it is a must if he has to return home.The worst effects of the drugs were felt when her ended up in the deal and hooked up with an English girlfriend who was a fellow addict (Hostetler, 1993).

In fact the son of a preacher who rebelled from the Amish culture and engaged in drugs so that he could derive pleasure in the habit.

However, the main disadvantage that the youths realized in the Amish culture is that the decision to be baptized is dictated by age despite the ability to make personal decision before one gets to the accepted age.

This implies that the rebellions youths have no other option to return to their culture, family and the church until they acquire the dictated age (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

However, the interrelation between the members of the Amish society was encouraging since they would embrace each other’s support for example in the supply of skilled manpower, craftsmanship and trade pioneering and tolerance (The Devil’s Playground 2002).

The Amish groups had inbuilt craftsmanship skills that enhanced their fame within a wider area of coverage.

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