Difficult Sat Essay Prompts Critical Thinking Vocabulary

The College Board, which administers the SAT, provides two sample passages to help you understand what you will encounter in the essay section: The essay is an optional section of the SAT, administered after the reading, writing and math sections of the test.If you choose to participate in this part of the exam, you will be given 50 minutes to read the passage provided and write an analytical essay.You will probably find it difficult to choose and elaborate on three distinct examples, at least at first.

To prepare for the SAT essay section, you are advised to, first, review both sample prompts and sample essays.View sample prompts, understand the skills you will need to demonstrate, and check out resources that will help you prepare for the SAT essay.On the essay section of the SAT, you will read a written passage and write an essay about it.The writing prompt on the essay section is always the same, but the written passage one must analyze differs.The SAT Essay writing prompt asks you to zero in on the author's reasoning, use of evidence and writing style.Essays measure three key skills - reading, analysis, and writing.Each essay is reviewed by two people, who will score each section on a scale of 1 (inadequate) to 4 (advanced).Some schools require applicants to submit essay scores so, to determine whether or not you need to take this section of the exam, check the admission requirements of the colleges and universities to which you plan to apply.Like all sections of the SAT, the essay is designed to measure your college readiness and ability to practically apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in high school.The reason this approach works is that your essay will be graded by specifically trained high school or college teachers who will review your essay holistically and grade it on a scale of 1 to 6.Each essay response will be graded by two people and their scores will be averaged together for your final score.

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