Disintegration Yugoslavia Essay

And so it proved, when as a result of the world recession of the 1970s export markets contracted with the result that Yugoslavia’s export production dried up along with its ability to service its debts.In response the IMF demanded a restructuring of the state’s economy in order to prioritize debt repayment.In a climate of growing economic crisis it was a measure guaranteed to exacerbate ethnic tensions and give succor to centrifugal and separatist forces within SFRY.

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The continuous experiments with economic reforms produced an economic system with specific characteristics based on a combination of socialist, self-managed and market features, facilitated by the country’s international relations.

Yet despite Tito’s refusal to be subsumed into the Soviet Bloc, Yugoslavia remained safe from capitalist penetration while the Soviet Union existed as a countervailing force to US-led western imperialism.

As soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, however, this protective cloak was removed and the die was cast.

Determined to break up the last socialist country in Europe, they threatened to institute an economic blockade unless the Yugoslav government agreed to hold separate elections in each of its six republics.

The passing of the US Foreign Operations Appropriations law 101-513 in 1991 contained a section relating specifically to Yugoslavia, stipulating that all loans, aid and credits would be cut off within six months unless elections were held.

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