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Prior to start working on a long dissertation, invest your time in working on the proposal to ensure confusion doesn’t arise midway.

Keeping in mind that the proposal is the basic step of a dissertation, it is essential to make a draft and an outline.

The length of the proposal should be between 10-15 pages based on what has been allocated by the instructor.

Students should be aware that data collection and analysis may not be as expected.

Dissertation seeks to investigate a scholar’s skills in their field.

There are a number of challenges that doctoral students come across while tackling dissertation such as: These problems may be devastating.

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A thesis is merely an accumulation of research while a dissertation offers the student with an opportunity to come up with something new that can impact positively in the field of study.

Dissertation is a major stepping stone in a scholar’s academic journey.

Obtaining a Ph D marks the start of dream job searching.

A dissertation aims to display all acquired skills by a scholar.

Research and methodology are among skills tested by a dissertation.

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