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Candidacy outcomes will then be confirmed via official letter within two business days of the review.

Any questions that a student has regarding the research proposal for candidacy should be addressed to their research advisor.

These courses foster interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration.

In-depth courses can include PME courses as well as courses from fellow STEM departments such as physics, chemistry, biophysics, computer science, and biological sciences.

While there is some consideration of student preferences in teaching assignments, assignments overall are determined by departmental need.

To be admitted to candidacy, students must successfully complete all core courses and all in-depth courses. Altogether, admission to candidacy will depend on an evaluation of academic performance, research performance, and the research proposal.

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We provide every student with a rigorous curriculum and meaningful research experiences.

Your committee chair will usually retain this page until all requested edits and other changes are made.

Chicago State University posts all theses and dissertations on Pro Quest, a world-wide repository.

These courses give you specialized knowledge in the research field of your choice.

In-depth courses must be graduate level and can be in any STEM area with the approval of the research adviser.

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