Dissertation Proposal Outline Template

Dissertation Proposal Examples Do not worry if your title is a little vague or if it changes slightly as you write the actual piece of work.The proposal is exactly that – a proposal – and thus it is a statement of intent, rather than an absolute guarantee that everything you mention within the proposal will be included in the final dissertation submission.You have to write a proposal for your department to agree to the topic of the dissertation, although some fine-tuning of the topic is usually available during the dissertation writing process.There are a number of reasons for the submission of dissertation proposals.The exact contents will depend upon both your course and place of study but the purpose of the draft chapter structure is to give your lecturer an idea of how you might structure your work.

The background to your subject, along with the reasons why you want to write about it, should be summarised in about 150 words.Moreover, you will also need to discuss whether questionnaires or interviews will be undertaken if you are carrying out primary research.In addition, the introduction and background section should contain the rationale for your subject and an overview of your overall approach.Not every dissertation will need to include this section.For example, many law dissertations do not require methodological considerations. In the event of the department not requiring this section, you should use the word count to boost other sections of your proposal.Direct quotes should be kept to the bare minimum if they are included at all (unlike in the dissertation itself).Literature Review Examples Below is a very generalised draft chapter structure.Generally, the proposal is written in the future tense as it is work that you have not yet undertaken.The following sections then usually need to be addressed within the dissertation proposal document (though the exact list may be different depending on where you are studying).You need to explain to the department and your tutor why you want to write about your subject and how your work is important.If you are writing at undergraduate or Master’s level you are unlikely to be breaking ground in a radical manner or discovering something entirely new.

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